Real Coding Screen Setup

  1. Browser on the left to play our game (Chrome, Opera, Edge, Safari)
  2. Code editor on the right to edit our code (Caret works on PC, Chromebook and Mac)
    Download Caret from the Chrome Web Store here
  3. Real Coding folder on the bottom right to locate our files (Let’s play!)

Enable filename extenstions. It is important that your computer is set to show the *.html and *.js filename extensions. You can easily do this in the View tab on Windows or Preferences –> Advanced on Mac.

Windows: Search “how to show filename extensions on windows”
Mac: Search “how to show filename extensions on mac”

Real Coding with Typey and Scriptuino 1.0

To practice over and over and share the book with siblings, we recommend using magic disappearing pens. They are super fun and let everyone in the house perfect their code handwriting!

We get our magic pens here.